Some health insurers provide acupuncture benefits, though many provide coverage only for treatment of pain, and some (typically only Medicare and some MassHealth plans) provide coverage only if the acupuncturist works in the same office as a medical doctor. I currently accept some insurance plans.

Here are the steps to take if you wish to use your insurance for acupuncture: 

  1. First, call the member-services number on the back of your insurance card, or consult your current Summary of Benefits and Coverage or other plan documents to see if acupuncture is covered and what restrictions, co-pays, or deductibles apply. (You can hit Ctrl + F on your keyboard to search for “acupuncture” in a multi-page computer document.) If you have an annual deductible that has not yet been met, you will need to pay out-of-pocket for acupuncture treatment until your deductible has been reached, though all qualified medical services count toward this threshold.
  2. Call the office for a free initial 15-minute phone consultation, so that we can both decide if I am a good “fit” for your needs and if I am credentialed with your insurance company. If you have received acupuncture services from another acupuncturist during your current benefit year, those treatments will count against your total number of reimbursable visits.
  3. If you are calling multiple acupuncturists, no problem whatsoever. Just kindly decide that you would like to seek care in this office and not elsewhere before we proceed.
  4. Prior to scheduling your first visit, my billing company will need to verify your benefits with the insurer, a process that typically takes several days but can sometimes take longer, depending on the insurer and the time of year. I will send you a link to a form to fill out. I will not be able to bill your insurance company for any visits that have not been verified by my office in advance. 

Kindly note that if for some reason your insurance company refuses to pay for your treatments after this office’s multiple attempts to secure payment (it happens occasionally), you will be asked to pay for the visits out-of-pocket. You can then seek reimbursement from the company independently. Also, please know that your health records may be shared with your insurance company if they request them for payment purposes.

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