I feel so much better than I did when I (first) came here.
— B.R.

Nancy has helped numerous athletes with chronic and persistent injuries, often when nothing else seemed to work.
— Ellen Perrella, Head Athletic Trainer, Mount Holyoke College, South Hadley, MA

My sleep, immune system, and depression have definitely gotten better…. Nancy has a very comfortable office space and delivers excellent customer service.
— Marie, Holyoke, MA

The student athletes we have sent to Nancy get results, often very quickly. They have had success with acupuncture treatments, especially for some chronic sports injuries when other treatments haven’t seemed to help. We are very pleased with the work Nancy does and her efforts to assist in the healthcare of our student athletes.
— Jeff Smith, Head Athletic Trainer, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA

I have eliminated Celebrex, Advil, and Wellbutrin. I have achieved results far greater than expected. My ability to focus and concentrate is better. I feel genuinely cared for.
— Carol, Hadley, MA

My back is 100% better after four treatments.
— Rower, South Hadley, MA

Reports from my patients have uniformly reflected Nancy’s deep commitment and compassion towards those she cares for. I have no hesitation sending any of my patients to her.
—Robert Weitzman, M.D. Hadley Family Practice

It’s been more effective than any western medicine treatment I have tried for fibromyalgia and fatigue. My energy levels are up and the aches and pains are down. I look forward to my visits, and how many people can say that when needles are involved?
— Kristina, Hatfield, MA

I feel so much better. I’m enjoying my life now that I’m sleeping well. I feel like I’ve turned into a sleeping machine.
— Donna, Leverett, MA

The treatment is actually kind of incredible. I felt so much better after the first treatment [for hip flexor pain]. The acupuncture has worked really well, even with three games in four days.
— Field hockey player, South Hadley, MA

I initially sought treatment for achilles tendonitis due to marathon-training. I have been very pleased with the treatments. I’ve been able to maintain or increase the volume of my running, enjoy karate classes with my son, and address and alleviate occasional pain in other areas (like my back or wrist). The environment here is warm, welcoming, and relaxing, and I look forward to my treatments.
— Richard, Amherst, MA

Nancy came highly recommended by a good friend. She is both calm and genuine in her approach. She has provided a tranquil setting in which to practice her skill. I have always felt relaxed and safe with her. And… PERFECT RESULTS: I have been smoke-free for years, since the day I left Nancy’s office!
— Paul, Hatfield, MA

I have found the treatment very effective for carpal tunnel syndrome, pelvic pain, and fatigue. It has given me more energy and relieved stress. The treatment noticeably relieved the pain I experienced after injuring my foot. Nancy has a very relaxing office and a kind, gentle, and attentive manner. She goes above and beyond what I expected to make her office a “no-stress” zone.
— Robin, Leverett, MA

Nancy is a true healer, and extraordinarily caring. It has been an honor to collaborate with her through the years. Her clients are treated appropriately, and she brings an extensive knowledge of complementary therapies to the exchange. I have learned a great deal from sharing patients with her.
— Susan C. Lowery, M.D., Amherst, MA

I’ve found my treatments to be entirely effective. I did not expect my neck to respond as well as it did because I have suffered with a bad neck for a very long time. I couldn’t even type or turn my head. Five treatments have virtually eliminated the discomfort, and now I am able to play lacrosse with my son again. I’ve gotten energy back that I haven’t felt in a long time. It’s been my “therapeutic getaway.”
— Jason, Springfield, MA

I’ve been terrified of needles my whole life, but the acupuncture was fine….I don’t think I could have stopped smoking without it. The treatment helped me so much. I’ve tried many things [to stop smoking], and nothing else has worked.
— Bonnie, Greenfield, MA

I have been astounded by the positive results. I have always been someone who sticks to physical therapy or pushes through the pain. But, within 3 treatments [for knee and IT-band pain], I was back to running and moving with no pain.
— Liz, equestrian and runner, South Hadley, MA

The treatment really helps me in so many ways. I just feel better, balanced…. A wonderful, delightful experience.
Ruby, Hadley, MA

I always feel 100 times better when I leave here.
— R.S.

When I first came for treatment [for post-concussion syndrome] I was desperate—ready to try anything to help manage the pain, but nonetheless skeptical of this new treatment. The first visit, however, I was hooked. I remember lying on the table, practically in tears, overjoyed because I hadn’t felt that good in months. Working with Nancy helped me get through some of the toughest months of my life. Nancy got to know me well and was able to offer highly-personalized treatments as a result, as well as a nice relationship with a good listener! I always felt comfortable and welcomed.
— Susanna, soccer player, South Hadley, MA

Overall, I feel wonderful, and it is directly due to Nancy’s knowledge and training in acupuncture and Chinese therapy.
— Allen, Holyoke

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